Costa Rica

“The Rich Coast” as the little paradise between two oceans is called, is certainly a nature lover’s dream holiday, a destination that offers adventure and pure relaxation in equal measure.

A holiday in Costa Rica can include miles of white sandy beaches, awe inspiring views, expansive green rainforests and national parks. Costa Rica is considered the safest travel destination in Latin America. This is just one of the reasons that Costa Rica has been growing it’s tourism facilities – Costa Rica is now the most visited country in Central America. is being developed as the leading travel portal for travel to Costa Rica from the UK. Here you will find practical information on the subject of travel in Costa Rica, the safest country in Latin America. Costa Rica is considered a pioneer in eco-tourism and is a country with no army and with a very high level of education. Costa Rica is a paradise for nature lovers. About one quarter of the land area is in national parks and protected nature reserves. Experience for yourself the unique nature and national parks with a renowned species-rich wildlife, active volcanoes, tropical rain forest &, the paradise style Pacific and Caribbean beaches.

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