Costa Rica EcoTourism

Before we talk about Costa Rica we want to start by talking about what eco-tourism is. Eco-tourism is traveling and behaving in a responsible & conscious way towards the natural treasures of the place we visit. Its purpose is to educate the travelers, provide funds for ecological conservation & benefit the economic development and political empowerment of local communities.

Around a century ago Costa Rica’s government started promoting tourism with the minimal impact and the most effective use of the natural resources for the pleasure of its people. Because of that Costa Rica is now considered one of the most bio-diverse countries of the world with 4% of the world’s total fauna. Plus 25% of its territory is protected as national park, biological reserve, wildlife refuge or some other category of protected area, both private and public. That has helped the development of nature tours & adventures for travelers. The best part of it all is that by going on most of these tours visitors are helping to protect the natural treasures of the country.

Costa Rica hosts something between 500,000 and a million total flora and fauna species; hundreds of thousands of species of insects; 2,000 species of orchids; 208 species of mammals; 850 species of birds. This country is definitely heaven for nature lovers.

When it comes to natural beauties it has it all: beautiful active and dormant volcanoes, huge lakes, amazing black and white sanded beaches, rain forests, cloud forests, mangrove swamps, caves, dreamed little islands & under water treasures.

All of these attributes make Costa Rica perfect for all kinds of tours. In here you can hike along its forests, mountains and volcanoes, zip though the air in one of the many canopy sites, go diving in crystal clear waters, do some inshore or offshore sport fishing in those waters infested with cool fish, do some bird watching in one of the many eco systems it offers, take an ATV or horseback riding tour in the beaches. Just to name some.

Through their sustainability certification program Costa Ricans have managed to turn lots of hotels all over the country into eco-touristic businesses and try to encourage travelers to prefer these kinds of places instead of the non certified ones.

In this country you can even find an eco friendly airline, the only one in the world – Nature Air. The reasons why you want to travel with them is because it not only just flies you over the green, but has been trying to become the greenest airline service of all time and is on the verge to become so. They are also offering National and International flights. Their planes don’t consume as much fuel as regular ones, plus their ground vehicles run on recycled cooking oil!

All this represents a very important income for the country where it has reached its maximum level of realization and success. Plus it has become one of the world’s main nature destinations, which makes it a mecca for hundreds of tourists seeking natural treasures, as well as leader in sustainable tourism.

As you can see this pioneer in eco tourism has something for everyone all over the place.

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  1. Your identification of the sustainability certification program is the next step in eco tourism in Costa Rica, where carbon offsets are figuring into the visitor impact. Let’s hope that some of the tradeoffs involved in sustainable tourism will not only be accepted, but looked forward to by this new generation of tourists.

    Cheers, Tee

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